Hillie Bills leaned toward writing at a young age but was, for better and for worse, unaware of this personality trait until her mid 20s.  Throughout high school and college she received a number of awards and honors (New York State Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship, Nathaniel B Abbott Cup, Thayer Award) but never pursued writing as a field.

In 2006 after touring as a back-up vocalist for a country band performing at Nashville's FanFair festival, she began crafting lyrics to country songs and within a year had started to conceptually dive into the spaghetti western genre to inform her song lyrics.  Throughout her 20s she travelled around the southwest gathering stories and triumphs and hard ships to translate into song.  

Since 2000 Hillie has been hired intermittently to do copy writing, business writing and to assist with the editing of creative works.  Please reach out if you feel that she would be of use to any projects involving the written word.