wellness coaching


Combining her interests in bodywork, holistic nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, clinical herbalism and trauma recovery, Hillie is able to assist her clients in reorienting their daily habits to better serve their goals- physical, emotional and spiritual alike.  Programs are tailored to suit the needs of an individual or family, and can be customized to any budget.  She has been working in the wellness world for 15 years, holds 3 certifications and 2 licenses, and is currently working on an additional certification. 

Programs may include: in-home visits to assess viable in-home wellness/self-care opportunities, assisted trips to health food stores, cooking classes, meetings at Hillie's Tea House sanctuary, phone sessions, email support, customized herbal remedies, bodywork, and more based on the needs of the client.  

After founding The Great Northern Tea Company in 2016, Hillie thought it was important that she gained a professional certification in the field of plant medicine and she enrolled at the Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions in Rockland, Maine.  As she had been working with plants for the past 10+ years as a culinary healing modality, herbalism was an extension of her philosophy that the majority of our health successes and challenges stem from the building blocks we ingest as food... turning to either "medicine" or "poison" in the body based on a range factors varying from constituents in the food to our digestive capacity, emotional wellbeing, and so on.

She has recently completed a course of study in Clinical Herbalism class and is accepting clients for herbal counseling, incorporating this into her wellness work and informing her new ventures with The Great Northern Tea Company.