Hillie Bills delivers North Country Folk like no other.  She combines a layer of sophisticated vocals and acoustic instrumentation over a songlist that ranges from 1960s Folk melodies,  to 1970s Rock classics, to your grandfather’s vintage Country and Western collection, chock full of trail songs.  Her delivery transports us back in time to a familiar place of profound meaning and connection.  

Her own personal material, combining southwestern grit and a northerly, oceanic folk influence, has positioned her as a finalist for a creative writing grant, and is held in esteem by listeners seeking lyrical content and delivery that speaks to resonant truths, both the gut-wrenching and the sublime. Weaving words into tapestries, she braids imagery from the Old Testament, the transcendental majesty of the natural world, and the social climate of your local dollar store.

She aims to record her second studio album of original material by Spring 2019. Her original studio album “In Tarnation” (2013) and A Very Mountaintop Christmas (2017) are available on iTunes.


Summer Bookings 2019:

May 23rd- Dancing Bears, Lake Placid, NY

May 24th- Bitters & Bones, Saranac Lake, NY

June 14th- SKAL, Vinalhaven, ME

June 27th- Dancing Bears, Lake Placid, NY

June 28th- Bitters & Bones, Saranac Lake, NY

July 11th- Dancing Bears, Lake Placid, NY

July 12th- Bitters & Bones, Saranac Lake, NY

July 13th- Valcour Brewing, Lake Placid, NY

July 24th- GRAZE, Pineland Farms, New Gloucester, ME

July 25th- Thoreau-ly Entertaining, Greenville, ME

July 26th- Gazebo Performance, Greenville, ME

July 27th- Back In The Saddle Private Party, Freeport, ME

July 28th- Ada’s Kitchen, Rockland, ME

July 29th- SKAL, Vinalhaven, ME

Fall and Winter Bookings 2018:

booking select events in the Adirondack region of Upstate New York.

September 1st- Angry Orchard Rock the Roots Festival, Boston, MA

September 12th- Andy's Old Port, Portland, ME

September 16th - Lakeshore House, Monson, ME

September 28th- Smoke Signals, Lake Placid, NY

September 29th- The Old Goat, Richmond, ME

October 4th- Raquette River Brewing, Tupper Lake, NY

October 11th- Andy's Old Port, Portland, ME

October 13th- Bitters ‘n’ Bones, Saranac Lake, NY

October 19th- Sheepscott General, Whitefield, ME

October 25th- Dancing Bear, Lake Placid, NY

October 26th- Smoke Signals, Lake Placid, NY

November 3rd- Bitters ‘n’ Bones, Saranac Lake, NY

November 15th- Dancing Bear, Lake Placid, NY

November 17th- Andy's Old Port, Portland, ME

Nov 30th & Dec 1st- Mirror Lake Inn, Lake Placid, NY

December 13th - Dancing Bear, Lake Placid, NY

December 15th - Bitters ‘n’ Bones, Saranac Lake, NY

December 17th - Private Function

Dec 21 & 22nd- Smoke Signals, Lake Placid, ME


Hillie Bills has released a studio album (2013, "In Tarnation) and a self-produced album (2017, "A Very Mountaintop Christmas") which are both available for purchase on iTunes.  She has recorded professional back-ground vocal tracks for a variety of recordings at Leopard Studios (Accord, NY) and Off-White Trash Studios (Mohegan Lake, NY).


Radio Airplay for "In Tarnation" includes  WDST Radio Woodstock, Radio Unleashed, KMTN Jackson Hole, WKZE Sharon, CT, Marfa Public Radio and West Texas Public Radio.

In a letter from Dr. Rubin Naiman, author of Healing Night:

“As much as you need to sing, we (and I'm taking the liberty to speak for the world at large) … we truly need to hear your songs. There's something in your voice that starts out in negrido -- in grime and dust and ash and rises like the Phoenix to ineffable celestial beauty. It has been a source of healing for me.”

Current Set Lists INCLUDE Work written by:

Johnny Cash,

Bob Dylan ,

Willie Nelson,

Emmylou Harris,

Townes VanZandt,

Neil Young,

Marty Robbins,

Waylon Jennings,

John Prine,

... and many more, including originals when appropriate.





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