Having worked as an assistant as the in the niche field of Resistance Stretching (click here to read about Oprah's exercise protocol) and for several nutritionists in her early 20s, Hillie's decision to attend massage school in her early 30s was an extension of a path she had established a decade prior.  Skincare led her toward a level of comfort working with clients' skin, and she felt invigorated at the prospect of learning about someone's various states of health based on the story of their soft tissue.  She attended the Texas Healing Arts Institute (since closed) and studied under esteemed members of the bodywork field.

At the moment, her interest lies predominantly in clinical work and pain reduction, while educating clients about ways to improve the state of inflammation and dysfunction in the body.  Over time and through garnering new certifications, she is interested in somatic work and seeks to acquire a variety of tools to assist clients dealing with impaired nervous systems and hormonal/adrenal balance.   

In-studio:  $75/hr or $110/90 minutes

Travel: $100/hr or $135/90 minutes within 15 mile radius

Current bodywork space in our Rockport studio.

Current bodywork space in our Rockport studio.