GroundWaterDesigns + not-so-fine art

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Hillie Bills holds a Fine Arts Degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz and works creatively with paint, ceramics, digital collage, assemblage and musical forms.  She studied under such renowned ceramicists as Mary Roehm, Ayumi Horie and Jono Pandolfi.  

Her watercolor paintings stand apart from the rest of her more topical work as an expression of meditation and there are no sketches or plans for any of these pieces.  They represent a feeling about a place and hopefully deliver that sentiment organically. 

Contemplating particular bodies of water, she applies water to the page first and then uses a monochrome palette to tease out various abstract or figurative shapes that recall the flavors of the particular body of water on which she is focusing. 

Her painted pieces are aesthetically inspired by Taoist writing, traditional East Asian ink traditions, Dutch pottery and the Quaker value of living simply.  The remainder of her work seeks to balance the gravity of daily living with animal-inspired whimsy.