The Great Northern Tea Company


The Great Northern Tea Company was born serendipitously as soon as Hillie Bills relocated back to her native northeastern terroir after having lived for five years in the desert.  While living in the southwest and working as the director of various spas, Hillie’s age-old love of herbal “tea” turned into a proper hobby of tea blending and branding, based on the distinctive aromas of southwestern herbal lore.

Upon her return north, she found that the best part of each day was walking in the woods, and took to learning more and more about the local plants and their health properties.  She enrolled in an Herbalist Certification program and completed it in 2016, and is currently studying Clinical Herbalism.  Her certification in this Advanced Level training will be reflected in newly oriented tea blends for specific health concerns, slated for shelves in autumn of 2017.

The Great Northern Tea Company is currently available at the renowned Black Parrot boutique in Rockland, Maine.  In Summer 2017 we will be placed amounts 85 other Maine-based artisans at The Good Supply, a curated gallery shop in Pemaquid.  We have created custom blends for The Good Tern Co-Op, RHEAL Day Spa and are drafting several for Main St. Markets in Rockland, Maine.

We love creating custom blends for individual clients and businesses.  Please reach out if you have a special event or project you would like to commemorate with a custom tea blend.

Please visit our website for more information and be sure to follow us on social media as we expand our product line to include some new spirit remedies that are sure to warm your heart and enliven your energy.

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